Air Source Heat Pumps & Air to Air Systems

The Natural Choice for Alternative Heating

What is an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)?

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are one of the most advanced renewable energy, efficient heating systems available and are an increasingly cost efficient alternative to gas or oil fired boilers. The main benefits of ASHP are reduced running costs, lower maintenance and reduced emissions.

Use the Sun Ltd install today’s market leaders of ASHP technology. We can explain the many options available during our free consultation.

What’s the difference with conventional Oil or Gas Boilers?

With Conventional boilers, 1kW of input energy provides less than 1kW of output energy. With an ASHP, every 1kW of input energy is converted into an average of 3.6kW of output energy or heat, making it more than three times as efficient as conventional boilers. ASHP are a natural choice for low cost heating and hot water.

How does it work?

An external heat pump unit is located externally, and is connected to the internal heating system and hot water cylinder. The external heat pump unit then converts the naturally occurring energy from the air and uses this to provide space heating and hot water.

The ASHP can be used in many installation scenarios, from new builds with under floor heating to Grade 2 listed buildings radiator circuits.

What’s the future for Air Source Heat Pumps

The UK government aims to derive at least 15% of the country’s energy through renewable sources by 2020. In order to meet this commitment, there has been a 100% growth in the market from 2007 due to increased funding in research and development.

The key market influences for the Ground Source Heat Pump and Air Source Heat Pumps sector will depend on the housing market structure as well as Government incentives and the provision of government support. Use the Sun Ltd are quick to relay key announcements and changes to the Government’s plan to make air source heat pumps a major factor in bringing renewable energy to the forefront of the country’s energy saving and energy producing industry.

What is an Air to Air Pump System?

An air to air heat pump system is similar to an ASHP, in that they extract the renewable energy that’s in the air outside and then converts this heat into energy. Where an ASHP generate heating for hot water, an Air to Air system generates warm air for distribution around your property. As an added benefit it can also act as an air cooler during the warmer summer months, improving comfort.

The installed system uses energy saving technology that efficiently controls the motor speed and reduces energy consumption by up to 30%. Rather than expending additional energy by starting and stopping, the inverter adjusts the speed of the motor so that it runs continuously and more efficiently in the long run.

Flexible configurations work in all buildings?

Whether you are looking for a single room solution or a system for your entire building, Use the Sun Ltd can accommodate your needs.

Split system

  • Connects 1 indoor unit to 1 outdoor unit
  • Heats and cools 1 room
  • Easy installation

Multi-split system

  • Connects up to 9 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit
  • Heats and cools up to 9 different rooms
  • Controls individual room

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