Solar PV

Use The Sun have been specifying roof mounted solar PV systems to domestic customers since 2009. The combination of our specialst design and specialist installers ensures your system will meet all your expectations.

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Solar Batteries

Store the unused energy you generate during the day and use it all at night. Battery storage reduces your electricity cost even further and increases system optimisation. The excess can also still go back to the national gird.

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The thermodynamic panels that Use The Sun install represent a major leap in the development of atmospheric power collecting. Our system will harvest heat from the ambient temperature working as low as -15 degrees.

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Heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer at a fraction of the cost of central heating.

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What are the benefits of solar?

The advantages of solar photovoltaic (Solar pv)

The advantages of solar pv systems range from generating your own electricity to achieving a return on investment via the Feed-in-Tariff which could be far greater than simply leaving your money in the bank or investing in high risk investment vehicles.

One of the advantages of solar pv is that as day light is free, you are able to reduce your bills via the electricity the solar panels generate. With energy rates rising at an alarming rate (the average rate of increase has been 7% per annum) and increasing fears over our security of supply, by investing in solar panels you can future proof your supply and savings.

Another advantage of solar pv is the availability of Government incentives. Owners of solar panels are rewarded for every unit of electricity they generate via the Feed-in-Tariff. Payments are tax-free and index-linked so they should rise every year they are paid.

In addition to being tax-free and index linked, payments made via the Feed-inTariff are also guaranteed for 20 years, just one more example of the advantages of solar pv.

Getting solar panels was one of the best decisions we made

We simply can't recommend Use The Sun enough. I enquired about solar panels on the Sunday morning and the surveyor was here by the Wednesday. The panels were then fitted by the Friday. Very efficient & courteous at all stages. I was given help with the FiT application and all the supporting documents were sent promptly.

Mr & Mrs Davies - Essex

Our electricity bill has fallen by over 90%

The team at Use The Sun installed our system today. Very satisfied with the work and professionalism. They kept us well informed before arrival and getting the work done within the day. Top marks for the installation and customer service. We would both highly recommend the company and like to thank the whole team for their help.

Mr & Mrs Goodyear - Kent

Last year i earned over £700 in Tariff Payments

Use The Sun are an excellent company in all of their dealings and customer interface. The salesman who handled my initial enquiry through quotation stage to final order was first class. The installation team were also first class and very neat and tidy in all their work, staying late into the evening to get the job finished.

Mr Wilkinson - Oxford

Find out today if you qualify for finance

Solar panels are the most popular type of renewable energy in the UK, and a cost effective solution for households who want cheaper energy bills. Factor in too the financial incentives of the Feed-in Tariff, which pays solar panel adopters money for generating solar electricity, and there’s never been a better reason to turn your back on fossil fuels and high electricity bills. Solar panels make strong financial sense, and you can save more money than you think as well as being green.