Circus Starr 2017

As many of you are aware, each year we sponsor disadvantaged children to go to the circus through the fantastic charity known as Circus Starr – “The circus with a purpose”.

This year is no different and you can find more information about this amazing charity below, along with a letter from the Director of the charity, Neville Wilson.

Dear Supporter,

Thank you for making a donation to Circus Starr.

Your support today will create a memory for a child that will last a lifetime.

We are an independent, charitable organisation that supports disadvantaged and disabled children across the UK.

Established in 1987, we provide new opportunities for children and their families to share an enjoyable time together, free of charge.

We have seen time and again how a trip to the circus can change a child’s life and your donation will help bring the fun, excitement and magic of the circus to children who would not normally get the chance to experience such an event.

With the funds raised from our world-class circus production, we aim to create long-term change within the towns we work in by raising awareness of the issues facing disadvantaged children.

We rely heavily on the generosity of supporters like yourselves and without your donation could not continue to put smiles on the faces of more than 1,000 children in your community each year.

On behalf of all the staff at Circus Starr, a big ‘thank you’ for your support. May I also personally assure you that the children and families in your community will benefit directly from your donation.

Yours sincerely,

Neville Wilson,

Director, Circus Starr

Use the Sun Sponsor the Sun at the Painted Hall

300 years after Sir James Thornhill first painted the ceiling at the Painted Hall in Greenwich conservation is again taking place
The 8 ½ million pound project, significantly funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, is still looking for more sponsorship.

Use the Sun Ltd are delighted to announce that they have sponsored the conservation of the Sun above Apollo’s Head

For more information visit the Old Royal Naval College’s website at or go on one of the spectacular tours that will allow you closer to the ceiling than any member of the public has been in 300 years

Use the Sun Ltd specialise in Solar Photovoltaic and Air Source Heat Pumps, visit our website at or call 01268 415 447 for more information

Circus Starr

Use the Sun are delighted to support Circus Starr charity again this year

Circus Starr are a fabulous charity that raise money for kids whilst giving them a fun day out.  Normally a bit sceptic about such arrangements between fund raisers and charities (they are mainly scams) I phoned the Hospital to check this was real before making my donation.
Here’s what they say about themselves
We are an independent, charitable organisation that supports disadvantaged and disabled children across the UK.
Established in 1987, we provide new opportunities for children and their families to share an enjoyable time together, free of charge.
We have seen time and again how a trip to the circus can change a child’s life and your donation will help bring the fun, excitement and magic of the circus to children who would not normally get chance to experience such an event.
With the funds raised from our world-class circus production, we aim to create long-term change within the towns we work by raising awareness of the issues facing disadvantaged children.

Take a look at their website, , small donations can go a long way to making a kids day

Charles Street

9 Panels installed on a bespoke steel frame to avoid touching the tiles in Charles Street, W1

One of our more interesting challanges.

How to instal a 3kW system in a small space without touching the pitched roof.  Even with the super powered Sunpower panels we needed 9 panels and there was only room for 6 on the flat roof.  So we built our own steel framework.

Holding 6 panes and ballast on the flat roof the framework had an arm that would hold a further 3 panels just inches above the pitched roof without touching it.

FiT Fall


Stunned by the success being enjoyed by the industry and not interested to wait and see the results of the anti-dumping tariff on panels the Government have announced that the Feed in Tariff will be lower for new contracts from the 1st July

The New Tariff is


FiT rate p/kWh

















Export tariff


Does it make a difference?  Not really, it is still a very good deal if you have a southish facing roof.  After the change with 16 panels facing South you would be about £20 a year worse off, an amount more than compensated for by the saving caused from increasing electricity prices

I still think it is the best deal in town!

Snow Day


If your panels are covered in snow then production must equal zero, they need to see sunlight.

But all you need is one clear corner and the panels will start to generate, as they generate they warm, as they warm they melt the snow…….

It is 11.40am, it is snowing and I have the lights burning because there is so little light.  None-the-less my panels are generating 250 watts which is enough to run the lights and this computer with a little left over for the fridge

Panels work



After the knocks this Government have dealt to the Solar PV Industry they have come up with a new wheeze to make our lives more difficult.

They have recently announced that Chinese imports of Solar Panels will be subject to Import Duty as from the 1st June, this duty could be as much as 85% (see below)

To ensure that the Solar PV Industry does not run smoothly they also announced that there is a possibility that retroactive action could also be taken for panels arriving in Europe after 5th March.

Of course, as an installer we can not retrospectively charge our clients more.  I imagine the wholesalers will be putting up their prices soon to cover themselves for an undefined potential tax.

So, just as prices settled down to the new Feed in Tariffs we have again being asked to run our business on an the basis of imminent and undefined change – not easy

If you want solar panels get in quick before all the prices go up.


More detail below


Dear Charles:
SunFields Europe inform to our clients about the updated news about EU Commission’s anti-dumping investigation on Chinese modules:

Brussels Commission’s Trade Defense Department said they would probably make a provisionary anti-dumping decision at the end of the legal deadline, which is June 5, 2013. According to EU anti-dumping law, a decision can apply retroactively 90 days (i.e. early March), if Solar modules have been registered.

I. Retroactive application on Modules Shipped from March 1st.

That’s what happened now: The EU Commission decided on March 1st 2013 to register all future imports of Chinese modules.

Consequently: All Chinese Solar modules shipped into the European Union as of March 1st will be subject to anti-dumping and/or anti-subsidy duty, if the European Commission decides to apply provisional duty (within next three months).

II. Estimated Amount of Duty

The Commission estimated the future amount of liability as follows:

– Anti-dumping duty: 60-70 % ad valorem on the CIF import value of the product concerned

– Anti-subsidy duty: 10-15 % ad valorem on the CIF import value of the product concerned.

Anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duty would be added together. Up to now, the EU Commission fully followed the allegations of the European producers. That might change in the course of the investigation until early June.

You can find more information in our website: Antidumping Update



By charging people to use it!


1.       How to charge

2.       How much to charge


This is simple. Through our sister site we have a charging mechanism.  When a driver pulls up at your charger they send a text which tells us which charger they want to turn on and for how long.

You will set the price on our website

We collect the money and send it to you at the end of each month, simples



Assume 23kW of electricity or 2 gallons of petrol will power an EV for 100 miles

–          At 10/p/kWh 23kW costs £2.30

–          At £1.40/litre 9 litres of petrol (2 gallons) would cost £12.60

So a reasonable price would be anywhere in between.


A low price might encourage EV drivers to come to you; a high price will speed up payback.  Your choice, no laws yet.



We cannot sell electricity by the kW on the roadside so we “rent” our sockets.  You can set 2 charges

1.       To plug in (say £1)

2.       Per hour that the socket is turned on.  Using a 32amp socket a car will draw between 0 and 7.5kW in an hour (depends on the charge in the car, the weather, the controls etc).  Assume that you wish to charge say 30p/kWh then £2.25 an hour would be the price.  (I have paid £2 for 30 mins to charge my phone with a lot less electricity) is so easy to use that you can change the price regularly, i.e. increase it for a special event or reduce it for publicity


Please do not look at the number of hybrids and electrics on the road, look at the number of Plug In cars (not all Hybrids and LEVs plug in).  The SMMT’s website  list registrations per month.

There are not that many on the roads but their number is increasing.  At the moment we have the Ampera and Leaf leading the publicity field, the I-miev, C5 and Ion right behind and a few others.

This summer we will see the plug-in Prius followed by some Lexus models.  The first all-electric Ford Focus was delivered at the end of May (in America but it will make its way here soon)

I expect that the number of plug-ins will increase as the number of models available increases.

Get one now or in a few months or years?  Well, get it now and it comes complete with publicity showing your Green Credentials.  Plus, we have an offset option which means you can have a charger with no capital expense.

People will charge where they park their cars, so if you have a charger it is probably time to give me a call 01268 415 447    07 88 77 48 275 or

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According to the SMMT ( the number of new cars eligible for the Plug-In Car Grant registered in May 2012 was 181, that is an amazing 229% increase on May 2011!  Year to date the figure is 669 up 36% on this time last year.

If this rate of growth continues then car parks are going to need EV chargers to meet their customer’s needs.  My blog explains how you can get a charger for free, paying from the revenue only.

Of course chargers should earn you money and I will be writing a blog soon about how you can make that happen through our pay-as-you-charge system (


Meanwhile what I want to know is why have registrations (new car sales) for plug-in cars increased so dramatically in the last month.  Is it the introduction of the new Ampera (

In the near future there will be a lot more plug in models available.

The Plug-In Prius is released this summer and Lexus will be following with more models.

The Renault is interesting, the cars are significantly cheaper but there is a monthly rental for the batteries.  On average I fill my car with petrol once or twice a week spending about £50 a time.  If the Renault batteries are £75 a month then the vehicle would represent a significant decrease in my travel costs.

So is the growth sustainable.  The detractors would say there is no appetite for electric cars; I have said for a while that the market is being held back by a lack of models.  So I will be keeping my eye on the figures to see if this increase is the start of a new trend or a blip in the figures

Meanwhile, if you have a car park, is it time to start considering putting in an electric car charging solution?  Contact me if you think the answer is Yes!

Since writting this the following news has been anounced

Bankrupt carmaker Saab has been sold to a Chinese-Swedish investment group which aims to turn the company into a maker of electric vehicles.

Headline from



Solar Photovoltaic Thermal returns are 5 times higher than Bank deposits

Thinking about installing a new Solar Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) System?  Take a look at the numbers for a typical 10 panel system facing south at 30 degrees (using 190 watt PVT panels)


A normal PV (Photovoltaic) system could make 1,630kWh a year (using the Government’s SAP calculator).  Using Solar Photovoltaic Thermal panels (the panels are cooled and so produce more electricity) that rises to an estimated 1,900kWh a year

If you could use all the electricity you generate then you could save (at 14p/kWh) £270 a year off your electricity bill

As well as cooling the panels Photovoltaic Thermal also makes hot water.  Our system converts that to a permanent supply of hot water throughout the year, no more gas bills.

Attach it to a Low Temperature Heating System which uses about 30% less energy you could save another £260 a year in heating and hot water costs

That is a saving of £530 a year TAX FREE, an amount likely to increase each year as gas and electricity prices rise.

It will also knock about 50% off your CO2 footprint


The Feed in Tariff is here, at post August 1st rates generating 1,900kWh a year would earn you £440 a year TAX FREE from your utility company.

The Green Deal and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) are not yet available but likely to earn around the same when they are introduced

Earnings could be as high as £880 a year TAX FREE.

If you would like to calculate returns for your home have a look at


To achieve an income of (£880 + £440) £1,320 a year after tax you would need to earn (at 40%) £2,200.

Assuming you could achieve 2.5% interest you would have to deposit £88,000 in the bank

Installing PVT (Photovoltaic Thermal) will cost less than 1/5th of this amount

For your own personalised quote please contact me on 01268 415 447 or email

For more information take a look at my blog or website at