About Use The Sun

Reduce your energy bills, save money and earn an income

Since 2007, our regional teams have delivered  an exceptional service throughout the UK to households and hundreds of commercial clients; helping them turn their otherwise unused roof space into a second income.

Our experience and knowledge of solar PV is what really helps us stand out from the competition. In addition to demonstrating market leading design and innovation to our customers, we also have a reputation for offering a level of advice and technical knowledge that is unparalleled in the market place; nobody knows solar PV like we do.

Our mission

We deliver a fully integrated domestic solar PV package.

Our commitment and value to our customers is to help you save money by investing in energy technology, save the environment by reducing your energy demand from the gird, and give you peace of mind that you have chosen a company that has the experience to implement the right solution, first time, in a safe working environment.

We have developed and nurtured long term relationships with key suppliers allowing us to streamline our supply chain for products and service delivery. Due to our status and reputation in the industry, we are also one of the first to see new technology before it becomes widely available.

  • Solar PV for UK Domestic Homes
  • Home Battery Storage for Solar PV
  • L.E.D Lighting Technology

We hold all the relevant industry accreditations and all of our installers are trained and qualified to the highest standards.

Why choose us

Unbeatable service and experience

Throughout  our many years selling and installing solar PV systems, we have developed an installation network and customer service team that is second to none.

Our approach

We customise every system we install to fit your home and savings goals. We do this because your home isn’t like anybody else’s and a one size fits all solar solution won’t lower you bills like Use The Sun can.

Lifetime support

From paperwork to monitoring to repairs, our world-class customer care team does it all. We use only the best panel manufacturers and installers, and create systems that require zero upkeep from you. That means you can get an affordable system for little to no money up front, lower utility bills for the next 20 years, and receive the Government FIT, all without lifting a finger.