Snow Day


If your panels are covered in snow then production must equal zero, they need to see sunlight.

But all you need is one clear corner and the panels will start to generate, as they generate they warm, as they warm they melt the snow…….

It is 11.40am, it is snowing and I have the lights burning because there is so little light.  None-the-less my panels are generating 250 watts which is enough to run the lights and this computer with a little left over for the fridge

Panels work



After the knocks this Government have dealt to the Solar PV Industry they have come up with a new wheeze to make our lives more difficult.

They have recently announced that Chinese imports of Solar Panels will be subject to Import Duty as from the 1st June, this duty could be as much as 85% (see below)

To ensure that the Solar PV Industry does not run smoothly they also announced that there is a possibility that retroactive action could also be taken for panels arriving in Europe after 5th March.

Of course, as an installer we can not retrospectively charge our clients more.  I imagine the wholesalers will be putting up their prices soon to cover themselves for an undefined potential tax.

So, just as prices settled down to the new Feed in Tariffs we have again being asked to run our business on an the basis of imminent and undefined change – not easy

If you want solar panels get in quick before all the prices go up.


More detail below


Dear Charles:
SunFields Europe inform to our clients about the updated news about EU Commission’s anti-dumping investigation on Chinese modules:

Brussels Commission’s Trade Defense Department said they would probably make a provisionary anti-dumping decision at the end of the legal deadline, which is June 5, 2013. According to EU anti-dumping law, a decision can apply retroactively 90 days (i.e. early March), if Solar modules have been registered.

I. Retroactive application on Modules Shipped from March 1st.

That’s what happened now: The EU Commission decided on March 1st 2013 to register all future imports of Chinese modules.

Consequently: All Chinese Solar modules shipped into the European Union as of March 1st will be subject to anti-dumping and/or anti-subsidy duty, if the European Commission decides to apply provisional duty (within next three months).

II. Estimated Amount of Duty

The Commission estimated the future amount of liability as follows:

– Anti-dumping duty: 60-70 % ad valorem on the CIF import value of the product concerned

– Anti-subsidy duty: 10-15 % ad valorem on the CIF import value of the product concerned.

Anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duty would be added together. Up to now, the EU Commission fully followed the allegations of the European producers. That might change in the course of the investigation until early June.

You can find more information in our website: Antidumping Update