Save up to 31% on your energy usage with Low Temperature Heating Systems and then Solar Photovoltaic Thermal Panels generate part of your heat and electricity saving even more.


According to the BSRIA* Low Temperature Heating Systems can use 31% less energy than conventional methods

An average 3 bed house uses 25,000kW of energy a year for heat and hot water, that’s £1,000 a year on energy, saving 31% is significant.

In a conventional system water is pumped around the radiators at around 70 degrees centigrade.  The water passes through radiators, the heat transfers from the radiator in to the air in the room.  Simples

In a Low Temperature Heating System the water travels around the radiators at only 50 degrees, to make that effective we use fan convectors, these blow the heat in to the room.  That is a much quicker and more effective way to transfer the heat from the water in to the air in the room, yep, cooler and quicker to heat your house. (and no red hot radiators)

So we don’t need so much water in the system as the fan, not the water is doing the work, Low Temperature Heating Systems use about 5% of the water compared to conventional systems.

5% of the water heated 20 degrees less that has got to be efficient!

Now attach it to a renewable source such as Solar Photovoltaic Thermal Panels and see what happens.  The PVT panels create warmed or hot water.  A heat pump increases the temperature to 55 degrees to give a store.  Again this has to be cheaper because the initial work of heating is being carried out by the sun.

What happens when there is no sun?  When the sun is out it can make too much hot water so we store some for later use.  Even in a UK winter there will always be spare

What happens when it breaks?  In a conventional system you get cold, we have a built-in backup just in case.

The amount of solar electricity a solar panel will generate is tested at 25 degrees centigrade.  If the temperature increases then the amount of solar electricity generated will fall.

The heat pump takes the heat from the liquid circulating the panels and puts it in your cylinder, so the water around the panels is being cooled which is cooling the panels which can increase electrical productivity by up to 20%

So Solar Photovoltaic Thermal Panels generate hot water from the sun, generate more electricity than normal panels saving money on electricity bills, gas bills, heating bills etc

And there is more, they might have cut the Feed in Tariff but this goes someway to replacing the lost income from generating your own electricity by generating more (up to 20% more electricity generated)

The renewable heat incentive (RHI) as part of the green deal will add even more income

Financially and ecologically sound.  The fuel is free, the electricity you generate is yours to use, you will make your own hot water and you will get a tax free income, what are you waiting for, call me

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* Building Services Research and Information Association

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