Photovoltaic Thermal


Saving money, earning money or going green,  PVT is the new answer.  Here is some more information you might like to know. Contact me for a personalised quote

Significantly more efficient and cutting edge.

Bit More Detail

The new panels have a “radiator” like attachment fixed to the rear around which flows a water/glycol mixture.

A solar PV panel in the UK can easily reach 80 degrees centigrade.  Circulating a cold liquid will cool the panel.  In the midday heat the cooler PV panel can be up to 30% more efficient at generating electricity.

The by product is a warmed liquid, run through a heat pump the liquid it is put under pressure so becoming significantly hotter.  This then goes through a cylinder creating enough hot water for both domestic and heating needs.

On a like for like comparison of a 3 bedroom house the electricity cost could be £300 less than the cost of gas for a conventional gas boiler.

Connect to a Low Temperature Heating System with convector radiators and BSRIA tests show a further energy saving of up to 31%


What happens to the warmed water if we don’t need it?  The warmed water is either used immediately or is stored in a separate tank for later use

What happens at night?  The stored warmed water is passed through the heat pump which will have to work harder to bring the water up to temperature

What if we don’t get any sun? Worst case scenario the heat pump cannot cope and so there is an electrical element in the cylinder to bring the temperature up and ensure a permanent hot water supply

How much does it cost?  The system I just defined is suitable for a 3 bedroom house.  We use 10 x 190 watt panels (peak 1.9kW).  Total installed price £16,000 (not including radiators).  A saving will be made by not installing a boiler

How much can I earn?

–      The PV Element is entitled to the Feed in Tariff.  A South facing roof should generate at least 1,600kWh a year (with the cooling maybe 15% more).  At 21p/kWh the Generation Tariff will earn £342 plus an assumed export of £25, total £367 (with cooling maybe 15% more) index linked for 25 years

–      The Renewable Heat Incentive is still to be introduced.  Indications are it will be at least as valuable as the Feed in Tariff

How much can I save? There are multiple savings to be made

–      Using the electricity you generate could save up to £240 a year

–      Heating and hot water could save £300 a year

–      Low Temperature Heating System could save 31% of your heating cost

If utility bills increase the savings become more valuable

And, of course, there is the CO2 savings to be made

What about maintenance? This is a very low maintenance system, we are offering an introductory 3 year free maintenance contract or to train your maintenance staff for free

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