Feed in Tariff Greg Barker

Greg Barker Tweets “We have listened carefully to the solar industry and are considering moving the date of the feed-in tariff changes as a result of concerns,”

Spin?  I am getting Dizzy!

The Feed in Tariff is a great concept and at today’s rates makes it worth putting PV on your roof in the UK, (I just read the meters for 2 small systems and will be £500 better off in a few weeks, not bad seeing it has rained nearly every day for a month)

What is killing the Feed in Tariff is this government’s need to tinker with it and then tinker some more until everyone is so confused they won’t bother.

It is simple really (I feel a rant coming on).  In the UK we don’t have the weather to make Solar PV viable without a little assistance, Thus the Feed in Tariff.  We all know that last year the FiT was much too generous and we kept saying so until, finally, the Government over reacted and cut the FiT by too much too quickly.

However, like any good industry we fought back, dropped our prices, many installers shut up shop and those of us that are left have work on.

But this Government won’t leave it there, no, they have positioned the knife and they are desperate to put it in and twist it around a bit, so immediately they announce another review and hide in there the idea that they can back date the results of this review.

Of course they can’t back date it, the incompetence shown in December on this issue would be as a molehill compared to the legal battles they would have to fight

What about the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), is that ever going to come out

Every time the Government make a new announcement they make it more and more difficult for the business to survive.  Stop the rumours and announcements of future announcements, make a statement and STICK BY IT and then we may all be better off financially and ecologically

In its current state the FiT works by being just enough to incentivise people without costing the country a fortune.  Announce an end to changes and announcements and let us get on with our jobs

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